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The students reflected that they really enjoyed learning and working in this way and using maths made sense when it was applied to a real project. Student voice was included so that within the parameter of a broad design brief (creating an assistive device to help someone else), students were able to research and then choose the types of problem they would like to solve. They really enjoyed developing an engaging presentation of their work to members of the community and confidently and articulately answering questions to draw out their understanding of the various STEM discipline content areas, which had been part of their project learnings. 

Teachers reflected on the initial challenge of stepping back and giving up some control of the project to the students, including the choices of problems, solutions and allocation/sharing of tasks (developing their skills in cooperative group work). They particularly commented on the engagement and commitment of the students to go beyond the first superficial solutions to going deeper into research and problem solving as well as their willingness to persist and experiment with creative ideas and building resilience through early failures as they iterated their tested designs for final results.

[Written Reference regarding our 2017 trial Primary FSA Program]

Shelley Waldon

Science & STEM Lead, Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools

Engineering Students @ Work Challenge

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Engineering Students @ Work

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Design Like An Engineer

Join us for a fun adventure of STEM learning and hands-on creation! Akorn provide mentoring to help students to develop their BEST idea, prototype and presentation. This program allows depth and breadth for students to refine designs and prototypes, just as a real life engineer does. We challenge students to create strong, robust and holistic solutions to the challenges and needs that they identify.

Robogals ‘Cave Challenge’

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With a recognised shortage of skilled engineers in the Australian workforce, it is incumbent upon the engineering industry to inform and promote the exciting opportunities and rewards that the engineering profession can offer. The concept of “Engineering Students @ Work” was conceived in 2009 between Norman Disney & Young and Akorn Educational Services and provides the link into schools for students to experience the engineering profession. The objectives of the program are to provide a realistic engineering experience for secondary students, allow students to learn about the diversity and vitality of engineering, work with active professional engineers and develop an understanding of collaborative working.

The students who have participated in this program have all taken the challenge presented and come up with some novel sustainable design solutions. The real success of the program has been in exposing students to engineering and helping to develop their team work, presentation skills and time management skills. NDY has been pleased with the response to the program and will be continuing this program in 2011 with four schools planned to attend NDY’s Melbourne offices. At the same time we are seeking other firms to join the Engineering Students @ Work program and work to promote and invigorate current students to the exciting opportunities of the engineering profession.

Peter Koulos

Former Director at Norman Disney & Young. Current Director at Atmos Consulting.

Akorn’s Full STEaM Ahead programs provide young people with not only the opportunity to experience STEM but also to engage with the community, technology and industry whilst gaining access to Engineers and other professionals. I am pleased and proud to be an ambassador for Akorn’s Full STEaM Ahead programs. Our young people are our future, and having been a mentor for a number of Akorn’s programs to date, I am excited about what the future holds. I’ve been impressed with their ideas and what they bring to life through design and prototyping – it’s wonderful to see how proud they are at the completion of the program.

Benita Husband

CEO – pitt&sherry (Engineering Consultancy), Deputy President & Committee Member, Engineers Australia – Victoria Division, FIEAust, CPEng, RBP(Vic), BE (Hons), MBA

Our involvement with the Akorn Engineering Students @ Work program was initially driven by our strategic and long term initiative to increase the number of female students considering and selecting Engineering as a career option. After realising the benefits this program provides by allowing students to be fully immersed in a real life engineering project we have now broadened the scope to include male and co-educational schools. The programs have proven to be a huge success not only for the students involved but also our Engineers who as mentors, are provided with an invaluable opportunity to develop their leadership skills.

Chris Malan

Director - Engineering Operations , GM Holden Ltd