STEM Inquiry Programs

Akorn Education offer custom made and designed “STEM Inquiry Programs” that facilitate long-term in-class educational development and strategic learning goals.

Developing a 'Carer's Toolkit'

@ Yarraville Special Development School in collaborations with Presentation College Windsor and St Columba’s College

Extended Engineering Students @ Work Program

@ St Kevins College Toorak in partnership with Norman Disney & Young 

Global Green

@ Aquinas College Ringwood in partnerships with Engineers Australia and the Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools

Developing a ‘Carer’s Toolkit’

Custom designed program run in collaboration with local Special Developmental Schools.

Sensory board made by participants

DIY Kit to make coloured Sensory Slime

Norman Disney & Young

Extended Engineering Students @ Work


In-depth mentoring by real-life engineers


Regular school sessions


Live in-school tele-seminars with project Q&A


Review of each groups progress by a Director of NDY!

Global Green

Aquinas college

Our program planning and facilitation of unique programs at Aquinas College Ringwood as part of their ‘Global Green’ project has been a resounding success since 2016.

The project is a fantastic way of providing co-curricular STEM based activities that incorporate aspects of geography, humanities, English, arts, design and technology. All activities focus upon producing a positive impact upon the community.

250+ year 8 students are outstanding in their achievements, self management and communication of engineering ideas based upon the real-life challenges faced by people and animals around the world.

We would like to thank program partners:

Engineers Australia, Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools
and the enthusiastic staff at Aquinas College

Global Green, Aquinas College
Global Green, Aquinas College


What Our Students Say

Something about this program that I really appreciated was gaining a deeper understanding of the neurodivergent community and their needs. I also loved being creative in terms of synthesising a product to help this community, and working in a productive and supportive group.


St Columba’s College

I found it was really fun to work in a collaborative environment to create a unique project that can be applied in real life.


St Columba’s College

I liked being able to use my imagination to help create something that could actually be implemented into the real world.


St Columba’s College

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