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COLUMBIA LIVE – Akorn Design Brief

Article on our ‘Full STEaM Ahead’ program written by Benita Husband from Norman Disney & Young (Click to view)

STEM MAD Showcase

Article by MakerBot Australia

Article on our ‘Full STEaM Ahead’ program published by Engineers Australia

Article written in the St Kevin’s College Magazine ‘Omnia’ which covers our Extended ES@W Program

Akorn Education Previous Programs and Services

Akorn Education collaborate with industry and community groups to provide rich and engaging experiences for young people. We run a large number of events currently and an even larger number of events that we have run in the past. Please view our historical events below:

Primary Full STEaM Ahead

Virtual Full STEaM Ahead

Full STEaM Ahead

Primary Science Students @ Work

Science Students @ Work

Growing Tall Poppies


Science Teachers @ Work


Engineers Without Borders

Engineering Teachers @ Work

Other Programs and Services

VCAL Students @ Work

InFront Community Building

Construct Your Own Program

Where Am I Going ?

These programs provide students with valuable knowledge and skills that help them function effectively in a scientifically and technologically advanced society teaching students how to identify and investigate issues, draw evidence-based conclusions and make informed decisions .

Many of these STEM programs provide opportunities for the participants to research, design and create products/services that benefit the community .

Contact Akorn if you have any questions or would like to have your school or organisation participate in a program .