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Engineering Students @ Work

Working in collaboration with engineering firms, the  Engineering Students @ Work program provides a week long work experience for Year 10 students Students typically are hosted by an engineering company and are expected to act as professional employees. They are provided a brief in line with real projects that the company has or is working on Gangnam Ingang. Special attention is put towards designing environmentally sustainable solutions.



Program Background:

The Engineering Students @ Work program was launched with a team of students from Santa Maria College hosted by the Engineering firm Norman Disney & Young in late 2009 이지뷰. Working on a brief to develop concepts for an energy efficient green office building, the girls not only learned about engineering but also working as a team Download Tetris. The results were outstanding.

At the end of the week, students present in front of real engineers as well as teachers and parents. They write a professional report and perhaps even a 3D or physical model of their design RoboPlus.

WGE ES@W Melbourne

ES@W Program DVD:

An Engineering Students @ Work team was followed through their week at Norman Disney & Young 파워포인트 무료. This DVD defines the program and the outcomes the students achieve. Pictured in the DVD are students from Catholic Regional College in North Keilor, Eryn O’Mahoney, Teacher at CRC and Peter Koulos from NDY Download subtitles for The Thief cat in Paris. The DVD was produced by Simon Lindsay, Catholic Education Office Melbourne.

“With a recognised shortage of skilled engineers in the Australian workforce, it is incumbent upon the engineering industry to inform and promote the exciting opportunities and rewards that the engineering profession can offer paperless printer. The concept of “Engineering Students @ Work” was conceived in 2009 between Norman Disney & Young and Akorn Educational Services and provides the link into schools for students to experience the engineering profession cd for genius education teachers. The objectives of the program are to provide a realistic engineering experience for secondary students, allow students to learn about the diversity and vitality of engineering, work with active professional engineers and develop an understanding of collaborative working Download the Katia model.

The students who have participated in this program have all taken task the challenge presented and came up with some novel sustainable design solutions. The real success of the program has been in exposing students to engineering and helping to develop their team work, presentation skills and time management skills. NDY has been pleased with the response to the program and will be continuing this program in 2011 with four schools planned to attend NDY’s Melbourne offices. At the same time we are seeking other firms to join the Engineering Students @ Work program and work to promote and invigorate current students to the exciting opportunities of the engineering profession.”

Project Snapshots
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Engineering Students @ Work Challenge 2018

5 teams of students worked co-currently at the offices of Engineers Australia. Models of their buildings were printed using MakerBot 3D Printers.