Engineering Day

Akorn education

Engage the community in STEM during our fun ’Engineering Day’. This is perfect for Libraries, home education networks and school holiday programs. We facilitate a range of 2-hour sessions for students aged 8-13 attending with their parents/guardians, and other family members that are excited to get involved. Sometimes, we have three generations of a family working together on a STEM challenge!

Please join us for this fun adventure of learning and hands-on creation!



Objectives & Outcomes


Community Engagement

Attract new members of the local community to your Library/Organisation


Promote careers in STEM

This program entices a broader range of people to pursue a STEM career.


Develop Hands-On Prototyping Skills

Improve your design and practical building skills.


Pride in work

This is an opportunity for students to take pride in their work. Students are responsible for presenting their solutions and communicating the benefits of their design.


Make A Difference

Create opportunities for schools and students regardless of their background and circumstances


Develop Science, Technology and Maths skills

Up-Skill in STEM


Program Feedback

Thank you Akorn Education for delivering an action-packed Engineering Day!

It was delightful to see the library buzzing with family’s keen to stretch their maker skills and share their love of all things STEM.

The depth of engineering content the presenters covered while engaging a range of ages was seriously impressive and a testimony to the presenter’s experience!

Families were guided through the engineering design process and fun warm up exercises. The excitement increased when the main challenge was posed, and the special tools and materials revealed. Prototypes poured out in a rush of ideas and conversation.

The pride on children’s faces as they explained their build and the positive comments staff overhead as families left the session filled our library with great energy.

Partnering with Akorn has allowed us to offer an exciting school holiday event to our upper primary library patrons and we found the event attracted a range of new faces too!

All aspects of the session were carefully planned and resourced leaving our staff able to rove and support families. Communication was open and prompt allowing everyone to feel prepared for the big day.

Thanks again.


Hobsons Bay Libraries

We had such a wonderful and rewarding experience with Akorn Education in one of their engineering days! They offer children a wholesome hands-on experience with a challenge to their imagination and problem-solving ability.

For kids like my son, who often come up with random ideas but barely take any action, Akorn does a good job of motivating them and offering a great learning environment. Kids are exposed to challenges in real life and learn to convert their solutions into real constructions. I highly recommend their programs.



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