STEM Workshops

Hands-on STEM challenges

Our STEM Workshops allow for flexible, on-campus learning for students to experience the joys of learning, solving and building.

We offer many programs such as:

  • Building Bridges Engineering Challenge
  • Full STEaM Ahead Accessibility Challenge
  • Cardboard Creations Engineering Challenge!

Engineering Day

Engineering Day Akorn education Engage the community in STEM during our fun ’Engineering Day’. This is perfect for Libraries, home education networks and school holiday programs. We facilitate a range of 2-hour sessions for students aged 8-13 attending with their...

Engineering Students @ Work Challenge

Engineering Students @ Work Challenge  The ES@W Challenge is support funded for schools and students that are unable to cover the cost of the program. It is a work experience program that is run in collaboration with an engineering firm. It features presentations...

Engineering Students @ Work

Engineering Students @ Work  Working in collaboration with engineering firms, the Engineering Students @ Work program provides a week of Work Experience for Year 9 & 10 students. Students are usually hosted by an engineering company and are expected to act as...

Building Bridges Engineering Challenge

Training the next generation of engineers

Learn about Structural Engineering and the life changing impact of bridges. Learn how safe and functional bridges can be made from a myriad of materials – including tree roots! Finally, learn about the positive impacts that a bridge can have on a community, especially those that are remote with limited accessibility.

Available as a 1 day school incursion for year 7-10 students. Akorn also offer this as part of Teacher Professional Learning.

STEM Bridge Engineering School Activity
STEM Bridge Engineering School Activity

You can access this PDF download here.

Cardboard Engineering Challenge

Training the next generation of engineers

The Cardboard Engineering Challenge is a great one-day experience that allows students to not just think outside the box but think with the box! It facilitates the channeling of creativity to solve real-life challenges and build unique structures. It is a great way to inspire the next generation of engineers!


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Level - Primary and Secondary

We offer this program for both primary and secondary students.

Cardboard Challenge Make Do Screws -Adam Oldmeadow Photography

Engineers In Training

Here are some apprentice Cardboard Engineers with their fantastic emergency relief shelters.

Solving Engineering Challenges Together

Our ‘Cardboard Engineers’ tackle and overcome engineering challenges using teamwork, practical thinking and good old fashioned ‘grit’!


Objectives & Outcomes


Engage students with STEM Learning

Our incursion day excites and engages students


Improve student resilience and confidence

Encouragement from our facilitators empowers students to be resilient and keep trying


Ideas to enhance your STEM Room/Class/Area

Experiment with the equipment and materials that Akorn use for STEM Programs


Develop Hands-On Prototyping Skills

Students improve their practical building and 3D design skills. They learn about the safe use of hand tools.


Make A Difference

Students learn the value of their ideas. They learn ways to make their ideas come to life and make a difference in the world


Develop Science, Technology and Maths skills

Up-Skill in STEM

AKORN cardboard Make Do Screw


What Our Students Say

I very much enjoyed being a part of the Cardboard Challenge. It was an eye opening experience, learning that amazing things can be created out of materials as simple as cardboard. I enjoyed interacting with students from other schools, and working together as a team. Overall, it was a great day, and I would highly recommend this experience to other students.”


Student, Our Lady of Sion

Participating in the Akorn Cardboard Engineering Challenge was a great opportunity to make new friends, build skills of teamwork and problem solving, and all up have a great time.”


Student, Our Lady of Sion

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