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Akorn facilitate Teacher Professional Learning programs that suit your needs. We operate on the cutting edge of STEM, Design Thinking, Project Based Learning and German Language. Professional Learning programs empower teachers to plan and deliver with confidence and ease.

Delivery Options:

In-person Training

Online Training

Hybrid In-Person and Online Training.


We can provide a custom built webpage with resources, edited video recordings (if online) and slide decks.

Engineering Students @ Work Challenge

Engineering Students @ Work Challenge The ES@W Challenge is support funded for schools and students that are unable to cover the cost of the program.  It is a work experience program that is run in collaboration with an engineering firm. It features presentations by...

Engineering Students @ Work

Engineering Students @ Work Working in collaboration with engineering firms, the Engineering Students @ Work program provides a week of Work Experience for Year 9 & 10 students. Students are usually hosted by an engineering company and are expected to act as...

Design Like An Engineer

Join us for a fun adventure of STEM learning and hands-on creation! Akorn provide mentoring to help students to develop their BEST idea, prototype and presentation. This program allows depth and breadth for students to refine designs and prototypes, just as a real life engineer does. We challenge students to create strong, robust and holistic solutions to the challenges and needs that they identify.

Robogals ‘Cave Challenge’

ROBOGALS This fun and hands-on robotics workshop includes education about various various disciplines in engineering and some of the many opportunities and benefits of STEM. The Cave Challenge is inspired by the real-life rescue of children from a flooded cave in...

2023 Teacher Professional Learning Programs delivered for MACS:

Feedback from participating teachers:

LOVED this session.. Love hearing from others and what they plan/do

This PL is broken into several sessions via Zoom, which was excellent. First of all, it removed the feeling of “information overload’ and it made attendance possible for more busy teachers, such as myself. The sessions invited involvement of the attendees which promoted engagement. Adam has a wonderful manner as convener.


Another great session. Thanks for recording the session so I could watch it today. I love the real life examples of bridges to share with students, both successes and failures.  Providing engineering knowledge into bridge design has been very useful when thinking of ways to implement this in schools. They make the design process more realistic for students. 

Fantastic having time to ask questions and share ideas for the classroom. I also liked seeing the data about women engineers. This would be great to share with the staff and students. Empathy building images are very inspiring for our teaching and action.

A fantastic PL program. It was great being able to attend from school as it didn’t impact as much on the school routine. The ‘real life’ STEM projects across the globe were also inspiring. This PL was very well organised and time was well utilised. A variety of online tools used were fantastic to keep everyone engaged.


STEM For humanity is an excellent program and I have already implemented or in the process of implementing STEM programs in my classes.


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