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‘Design Like An Engineer’ has been adapted from our very popular ‘Primary Full STEaM Ahead’ Program. It has been extended to be available for a wide range of students. This program guides students (and teachers) through the Design Process. Akorn provide mentoring to help students to develop their BEST idea, prototype and presentation. This program allows depth and breadth for students to refine their designs and prototypes, just as a real life engineer does. We challenge students to create strong, robust and holistic solutions to the challenges and needs that they identify.

Please join us for this fun adventure of learning and hands-on creation!



Objectives & Outcomes


Engage students with STEM Learning

Our incursion day excites and engages students


Improve student resilience and confidence

Encouragement from our facilitators empowers students to be resilient and keep trying


Add to the STEM Room/Class/Area of your school

As part of the program, Akorn provide a 360 piece Makedo kit, 120cm x 90cm Cardboard Sheets and bags of Recycled Materials


Develop Hands-On Prototyping Skills

Students improve their practical building and 3D design skills. They learn about the safe use of hand tools.


Make A Difference

Students learn the value of their ideas. They learn ways to make their ideas come to life and make a difference in the world


Develop Science, Technology and Maths skills

Up-Skill in STEM


Program Components

Preliminary Meeting

Virtual planning meeting with Akorn and your school. Opportunity to choose from a selection of challenges or develop one that suits the focus of your school.

  • Select two Hands-On challenges (Akorn provides tools & materials):
    • Designing and build a cardboard structure (eg. Emergency Relief Shelter or Functional Seat)
    • Choice of main challenge eg. Designing and creating an assistive device/product for a person/persons with disability, sustainability, school/community focus etc.


‘Design Like An Engineer’ Incursion

Full day incursion at school for up to approx. 50 students that covers:

  • Empathy Building
  • Design Thinking Process
  • Introduction to Engineering
  • Two Hands-On engineering challenges (As discussed in the Preliminary Meeting)
  • Students build a ‘rapid prototype’ with the support of Akorn Facilitators and classroom teachers.

Iterative Improvement Session

School visit or Zoom/Meet for 1-3 hours. Akorn Facilitators ask questions and provide advice for students to further iterate their solution and prototype.

Support is also provided for students to package their ideas into Poster and Presentation formats.

Following the session, students may present at a local STEM Showcase and/or to their parents/peers.



What Our Students Say

By applying my skills this past week, I will be able to better understand how different sciences (physics etc.) are applied in real life, which makes subjects more interesting and will enhance my experience . I have also gathered a greater understanding into the lives of people living with disabilities and the physical and attitudinal barriers they encounter which has given me greater awareness.


Victorian School

I really enjoyed this program because it gave us the chance to complete a project that meant something in real life. We weren’t just given a brief that meant nothing to us, we learnt about people with disabilities and then figured out a way to improve their lives. This program helped me to realise what engineers actually do, and I now realise that it is a possible career path. This program has had a big impact on me and I will remember it for a long time.


Victorian School

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