Engineering Teachers @ Work

Engineering Teachers @ Work Professional Development Program

AKORN is pleased to announce that through a special collaboration with ENGINEERS AUSTRALIA, VICTORIA UNIVERSITY AND PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING ORGANIZATIONS, we are able to offer opportunities to schools to participate in two-day professional development programs for teachers.

Research confirms the teachers need both in-house and external professional development to enhance their capabilities. This curriculum-focused professional learning will explore some of the disciplines of Engineering and provide participants with knowledge, tools and suggested class activities to enable them to take Engineering into their classrooms in line with AusVELS

Engineering Students @ Work Challenge

Engineering Students @ Work Challenge The ES@W Challenge is support funded for schools and students that are unable to cover the cost of the program.  It is a work experience program that is run in collaboration with an engineering firm. It features presentations by...

Engineering Students @ Work

Engineering Students @ Work Working in collaboration with engineering firms, the Engineering Students @ Work program provides a week of Work Experience for Year 9 & 10 students. Students are usually hosted by an engineering company and are expected to act as...

Design Like An Engineer

Join us for a fun adventure of STEM learning and hands-on creation! Akorn provide mentoring to help students to develop their BEST idea, prototype and presentation. This program allows depth and breadth for students to refine designs and prototypes, just as a real life engineer does. We challenge students to create strong, robust and holistic solutions to the challenges and needs that they identify.

Robogals ‘Cave Challenge’

ROBOGALS This fun and hands-on robotics workshop includes education about various various disciplines in engineering and some of the many opportunities and benefits of STEM. The Cave Challenge is inspired by the real-life rescue of children from a flooded cave in...

Participating teachers will be interested in:

  • Promoting student learning and development in Engineering
  • Proving a balance of theory practice
  • Building scientific and engineering literacy
  • Developing programs in line with AusVELS (Australian Curriculum) with an engineering focus.
  • Peer planning
  • Addressing the current shortage of Engineers in Australia

The two-day programs consist of:

Monday – Victoria University – School of Engineering & Science (Electrical Engineering) – Footscray Park Campus  Bldg D
Two sessions offered with each allowing teachers to walk away with a ready to go working product that they can take into their classroom the next day.

  • A – First time participants – Price includes a complete, single set of resources (hardware/software/student activities/documents and suppliers and pricing information) for a full  semester elective in electronics or programming for years 9/10 based around the PICAXE microcontroller.
  • B – Returning participants* – Workshop the construction & programming of two robot vehicles: a short range radio controlled model and an ultrasonic rangefinder guided, obstacle avoiding car. Price includes one of the robots. Participants will also investigate supplier & cost options for implementing the activities in their classrooms. (*must have attended an “A” session in the past to participate in this session)

Tuesday – Umow Lai – Level 4 – 10 Yarra Street, South Yarra

Explore several disciplines of Engineering and their application in the ‘real’ world – including discussion on the necessity for sustainability in design and implementation

To register interest in this program, please contact us via our Contact Us page