A hands-on robotics workshop for students to learn about various disciplines in engineering and to experience thinking, collaborating and building like an engineer through a series of challenges and competitions!

We host four one-day workshops in Melbourne, two in February and two in July. If this experience appeals to you or your students, please:


Objectives & Outcomes


Engage students with STEM Learning

Our incursion day excites and engages students


Improve student resilience and confidence

Encouragement from our facilitators empowers students to be resilient and keep trying


Add to the STEM Room/Class/Area of your school

As part of the program, Akorn provide a 360 piece Makedo kit, 120cm x 90cm Cardboard Sheets and bags of Recycled Materials


Develop Hands-On Prototyping Skills

Students improve their practical building and 3D design skills. They learn about the safe use of hand tools.


Make A Difference

Students learn the value of their ideas. They learn ways to make their ideas come to life and make a difference in the world


Develop Science, Technology and Maths skills

Up-Skill in STEM


Program Components

Preliminary Meeting

Virtual planning meeting with Akorn and your school. Opportunity to choose from a selection of challenges or develop one that suits the focus of your school.

‘Design Like An Engineer’ Incursion

Full day incursion at school for up to approx. 50 students that covers:

  • Empathy Building
  • Design Thinking Process
  • Engineering
  • Two hands on challenges (Akorn provides tools & materials)
    • Designing and creating a structure using cardboard
    • Choice of main challenge eg. Designing and creating an assistive device/product for a person/persons with disability, sustainability, school/community focus.

Iterative Improvement Session

School visit or Zoom/Meet for 1-3 hours. The aim is for each student group to present their solution and prototype. Akorn then asks questions that support the students to further improve their design.



Akorn and the Melbourne Chapter of Robogals are excited about working together again in 2023 with a NEW CAVE CHALLENGE !

This fun and hands-on day includes education about various disciplines of engineering and some of the many opportunities and benefits of STEM . Students work in teams to construct a prototype and compete in an exciting robotics Cave Challenge.

Students will increase their awareness and knowledge of engineering, science and technology. They will also gain additional life skills such as communication, collaboration and critical thinking. As well as girls, some boys are welcome to attend.

 Our next program dates are in July 2023! Please contact us to register your school and students!


What Students and Teachers Say:

This day was one of the best excursions I have been to and has really got me considering a future career in engineering and robotics. I would recommend this program to everybody if you are interested in that career choice. I loved it and I bet you would too!

Patricia K

Student Presentation College Windsor

It was great. I loved the calm setting and all the friendly people. Not once did I feel like I was being judged which is a major fear of mine.



Participating in this program was really fun and amazing, I learnt a lot including how to program things and I would love to do it again soon!



Participating in the Robogals workshop was a good opportunity to learn more and help decide on a possible career. It was good that there were other students from other schools to work and compete with, the only goal being to work together in the things we loved.



I really enjoyed being a part of this engineering workshop and I’m extremely lucky to have been a part of it. I have understood now post workshop, that engineering is an extremely important job in the world and that these days a majority of the worlds engineers today are men so being a percentage of the lady’s would be awesome! I think you did an excellent job in creating tomorrows engineers today!



The Robogals Robotics competition is an excursion that I have taken students to for a couple of years. The students from each school don’t stay together as a team which is fantastic because they are then encouraged to meet other students who are interested in science and work with them to solve the various problems that they are given. It is a really valued part of our curriculum because the students are at a university campus, working with engineering students who are great role models, and doing science that is fun and challenging. It ticks all the boxes for encouraging students to continue with Science into VCE.

Jo Kennedy

Head of Science Presentation College Windsor

I did not know what to expect, however following today the students were totally engaged and enthusiastic about all the challenges set. The staff and facillitators were excited and committed to making the experience for all a positive and educational one. I would highly recommend this day to everyone.



Robogals provides a springboard for our students to put coding in an authentic context. Collaboration and problem solving became the theme for the day and the personalised attention from our Engineering student presenters allowed the girls to feel fully supported in their learning. The girls enjoyed a unique learning experience which will hopefully stay with them for many years and allow them to confidently follow their passions in computer sciences. Thank you to CEM and the Akorn team in making this day possible


Teacher, St Paul The Apostle

This program was very beneficial for myself as a teacher, and the girls. It had links to STEM and the Vic Curriculum that were delivered in an engaging way. I love the partnership between CEM, Akorn, Robogals and Melb Uni. Thanks all!


Teacher, Holy Saviour

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