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Akorn have developed and facilitated Problem/Project Based Learning programs for many years. We work with community organisations such as Humanitarian Organisations, Community Centres and Special Development Schools ms 오피스 2010 무료 다운로드. Students will be tasked to understand, empathise with and create solutions for real world users.

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Yarraville Special Development School – ‘Carers Toolkit PBL’ in collaboration with Presentation College Windsor and Sunshine Special Development School in collaboration with St Columba’s College:

DIY Kit to make coloured Sensory Slime:

‘Global Green’ at Aquinas College in Ringwood

Our two week program at Aquinas College Ringwood, part of their ‘Global Green’ Challenge has been a resounding success download maven nexus.

The project is a fantastic way of providing co-curricular activities that not only include STEM based activities, incorporate aspects of geography, humanities, english, arts, design and & technology, all of course with a positive impact upon the community Download the instrumental mp3.

150+ year 8 students were outstanding in their achievements, self management and communication of engineering ideas based upon the real-life challenges faced by people and animals around the world 쿵후 프리즌.

We would like to thank program partners:

Engineers Australia
Catholic Education Office Melbourne
and the enthusiastic staff at Aquinas College

Global Green, Aquinas College

Global Green, Aquinas College

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