Engineering Education Challenge Catholic Education Melbourne Project Based Learning

The Engineering Students @ Work CHALLENGE program aims to provide a realistic engineering work experience for secondary school students and provides a five-day opportunity for teams of 5-6 students during which they:

  • Learn about the diversity & viability of engineering
  • Work with professional engineers
  • Participate in experiential learning, and
  • Develop an understanding of and an ability to develop sustainable engineering design solutions.


Additional benefits the students gain and are encouraged to use include:

  • Creative thinking and analytical skills to develop engineering projects and solve problems with sustainable outcomes in mind  Student communication skills to enable collaboration in a team situation and to justify their decisions and actions
  • Information and communications technology and learning skills to research, acquire and manage information relevant to project development
  • Interpersonal skills through collaborative working in teams to achieve a common objective
  • Opportunity to learn and use/implement current technology, and
  • Encourages students to consider engineering as a study path and future career.


Students are provided a brief to collaboratively design buildings that form a sustainable satellite community. Models of their buildings are printed using MakerBot 3D Printers.


Akorn ES@W Challenge at The University of Melbourne

2019 Group Photo

2023 Engineering Students @ Work Challenge Flyer

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