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Have you heard about the ‘FULL STEaM AHEAD’ program?

Are you wanting to learn how to assist members of the community to live a vibrant and happy life Android asynctask?

You may be in luck!

Due to COVID-19, Akorn Educational Services are offering an online ‘Virtual FULL STEaM AHEAD’ program in the September school holidays 응답하라 1998. This program is FREE and can be attended by Year 9 & 10 students from ANYWHERE! A stable internet connection is required for scheduled group conference calls Shiny view.

The program is designed to allow students to work flexibly throughout the week. There will be group online conference calls on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 슈퍼윙스 시즌3. Students can choose if they want to work individually or be allocated into a group and collaborate online.

Akorn STEaM Learning Program

During the program, students develop:

– Empathy Building

– Design Thinking

– Product Development

– 3D Design

– Professional skills such as; Teamwork, Presentation & Leadership


The program is also a great way to make new friends and have fun Download a resume that is a person!


“I have really enjoyed working with you through the week. I have gained a lot of new knowledge that will help me understand what someone with a disability experiences 아나콘다 패키지. I am really driven to become an Engineer and am grateful that this program gave me a good experience in designing a product.” Harriet, 2020


Program background:

In a recent World Report on Disability, it is estimated that 1 in 5 people globally has a disability, which in Australia is calculated to be 4.27 million people 더 시그널. The majority of these people experience social exclusion, discrimination and lack of access to fully participate in society due to the barriers such as built environment and negative attitudes Download KingTalk Android.


Responding to this challenge, students will collaborate to generate ideas and develop assistive/enabling technologies that will overcome said barriers download keil uvision5. During the program students will be supported by the Akorn Educational Services team to establish the appropriate analytical framework and user centered design to come up with sustainable and viable solutions bts 콘서트 다운로드.


Here are some images from previous ‘in-person’ programs.

More details can be found here.

(Our October 2017 Full STEaM Ahead Program held at Engineers Australia, featuring 3 Makerbot 3D Printers)

FULL STEaM AHEAD - Akorn Educational Services

FSA 2019 Group Photo




Please also share this opportunity with anyone that may be interested. Thank you!