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Science Students @ Work


“The sense of satisfaction I had at the end of the week, after my four colleagues and I had presentd our findings, was overwhelming because I felt that I had put a lot of work into what we had done Lg Smartbody regular. The research we did helped my leadershp skills and my independent learning. It gave me a new perspective on some of the things I take for granted such as the ability to see*, and it allowed me to perform inportant tasks and duties that I didn’t know I had the capability of doing.” – William McKorkell, Student, St arrows. Bernard’s College.

*This group was given the task of developing an audio commentary for the visually impaired when visiting Scienceworks


“The collaboration between the school, Akorn and the host organisations gives students an opportunity they could not envisage within the classroom 김비서가 왜그럴까 11화 다운로드. Students develop time management skills, leadership, initiative, teamwork, public speaking, self confidence, applying technical skills to real life issues and most importantly to the community.”

Vanessa Jackson-McRae, Faculty Leader-Science, St 슈츠 시즌2. Catherine’s School

The Sharing The Journey To Healing Diary developed and published by students at St. Catherine’s School is being distributed to burn survivors through The KIDS Foundation


Engineering Students @ Work


“I’ve never learned so much in one week – not just about engineering, but working together as a team, learning and using organizational skills – I would definitely to it again!.”

Nhung Tran, Student, Santa Maria College

This group was given the task to research and design a “green” building by Norman Disney & Young

“I’m one of the students from Santa Maria who participated in the first Engineering Students @ Work with you at Norman Disney & Young Download gigabyte driver. I probably haven’t had the chance to properly thank you for the giving students like us the chance to experience work in such an exciting field like Engineering 캔 뮤직. I am emailing to let you know that I’m doing a double degree at RMIT in Environmental Engineering and Environmental Science. My future plans are to major in hydraulics Autocad free. Before I went to NDY, I had no intentions of being an engineer. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here, already dreaming about becoming an engineer 레드햇 다운로드. And for that I would like to thank you. Please let Peter Koulos and his staff at NDY know how thankful I am for their company hosting our group.
One week of their time has absolutely changed my life exid 핫핑크 다운로드.
Thank you so much!”

Sneha Bhattachan, Former Student, Santa Maria College.


Host Organisation


During this hands-on ‘STEAM for Humanity’ workshop, Year 10 students were immersed in designing a public facility with the aim of making it accessible to all members of our community 이중나선. Before designing, students participated in empathy building activities and were surprised to learn that 20% of our world’s population possess some kind of impairment that places restrictions on their lives. Students then experienced first-hand how difficult life can be for these members of our community by participating in a number of everyday practical activities using mobility equipment, such as wheel chairs, pickup frames, walking sticks, white support canes and crutches. Students described how difficult it was to complete everyday tasks when relying upon mobility equipment and how frustrating these restrictions were. They found the simple task of moving in and out of a wheel chair without the ability to move their legs extremely challenging and now noticed elevations in the pavement as an obstacle, particularly if the incline was of a short distance and steep. With the challenges experienced in this activity in mind, students worked collaboratively using the unique ‘Enable Kits’ to design and build an inclusive facility. Teams considered ways they could engineer the environment to allow all people to access the building’s features, such as including outside shelter and seating for those waiting to use the facility and pressure sensory on the ground to open doors for those in wheel chairs. We would like to thank Ms Georgene Bridgeman and Mr Adam Oldmeadow from Akorn Educational Services for presenting this workshop and assisting our Year 10 students to acquire new STEAM skills.

Assimina Semertjis

Head of Science at Siena College, Camberwell



“You [the students] have delivered a building – a project in accordance with a client brief with innovation and with great success. You’ve learned about energy, emissions, recycling of materials, transport and innovation and come up with a sustainable solution

Sam Aloi, Director – Norman Disney & Young

Yr 9 Engineering Students @ Work Humanitarian Conference Days

“We were blown away by the enthusiasm, ingenuity and engineering problem solving shown by the students. In one day, they developed concepts far beyond any of our expectations and that resemble the solutions we are implementing in the field”

Daniel A’Vard
Vice President – Victoria Region | Engineers Without Borders Australia


VCAL Students @ Work