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Full STEaM Ahead

By applying my skills this past week, I will be able to better understand how different sciences (physics etc.) are applied in real life, which makes subjects more interesting and will enhance my experience Download Thomas and Friends. I have also gathered a greater understanding into the lives of people living with disabilities and the physical and attitudinal barriers they encounter which has given me greater awareness kakao tv 다운로드.

Laura, Viewbank College


“I really enjoyed this program because it gave us the chance to complete a project that meant something in real life ojdbc6 다운로드. We weren’t just given a brief that meant nothing to us, we learnt about people with disabilities and then figured out a way to improve their lives. I also loved designing 3D printing designs and using the 3D printers Let's download the humans guys. This program helped me to realise what engineers actually do, and I now realise that it is a possible career path. This program has had a big impact on me and I will remember it for a long time Act of Baller.

Aliese, Padua College

Engineering Students @ Work

“I’ve never learned so much in one week – not just about engineering, but working together as a team, learning and using organizational skills – I would definitely to it again!.”

Nhung Tran, Student, Santa Maria College

“I’m one of the students from Santa Maria who participated in the first Engineering Students @ Work with you at Norman Disney & Young 21st Century Wizard. I probably haven’t had the chance to properly thank you for the giving students like us the chance to experience work in such an exciting field like Engineering 현대해상 프로그램. I am emailing to let you know that I’m doing a double degree at RMIT in Environmental Engineering and Environmental Science. My future plans are to major in hydraulics 실비 키우기 pc. Before I went to NDY, I had no intentions of being an engineer. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here, already dreaming about becoming an engineer 네이버 글꼴 다운로드. And for that I would like to thank you. Please let Peter Koulos and his staff at NDY know how thankful I am for their company hosting our group.
One week of their time has absolutely changed my life Visual studio 2012 ultimate.
Thank you so much!”

Sneha Bhattachan, Former Student, Santa Maria College.

Cardboard Engineering Challenge

“I very much enjoyed being a part of the Cardboard Challenge. It was an eye opening experience, learning that amazing things can be created out of materials as simple as cardboard. I enjoyed interacting with students from other schools, and working together as a team. Overall, it was a great day, and I would highly recommend this experience to other students.”

Annie – Our Lady of Sion


“Participating in the Akorn Cardboard Engineering Challenge was a great opportunity to make new friends, build skills of teamwork and problem solving, and all up have a great time.”

Caitlin – Our Lady of Sion

 Science Students @ Work

“The sense of satisfaction I had at the end of the week, after my four colleagues and I had presentd our findings, was overwhelming because I felt that I had put a lot of work into what we had done. The research we did helped my leadership skills and my independent learning. It gave me a new perspective on some of the things I take for granted such as the ability to see*, and it allowed me to perform inportant tasks and duties that I didn’t know I had the capability of doing.”

William McKorkell, Student, St. Bernard’s College.

*This group was given the task of developing an audio commentary for the visually impaired when visiting Scienceworks