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Science Students @ Work

General Program Details:

This Akorn Biz-Ed LinxTM proram provides:

  • An experiential science experience for secondary school students
  • Students the opportunity to lear about the diversity and vitality of science
  • An opportunity to build science enquiry skills
  • Encourages students to make Informed, evidenced based decisions

There are several models of delivery of this program 크롬 한번에.

The traditional model involves teams of 5-6 year 10 or year 11 students placed in a science-based workplace for five days during which time they work as a consulting team researching potential solutions/outcomes for an issue/project brief given them by the host.  On the final day the teams present their recommendations in a written report and through a PowerPoint pesentation.  Prior to their week placement the students participate in a 1/2 day project management workshop 쇼미더머니8 2화.

In 2008 a Semester SS@W program was introduced in a whole class environment, at Aquinas College, with four teams established.  The curriculum for Terms 3 and 4 for this class accepted a project brief given by The Cancer Council Victoria with the aim being:

To develop an appropriate kit of SunSmart UV Alert lesson and sign ideas for primary school students 온-나라 메신저.

During Term 3 each team spent on eweek with a comunity partner that could assist in the research of relevant information and materials to achieve the end project goals Download the Excel icon. Class time was spend doing additional research and collating data gathered.

The final “kit” included teacher manual with lesson plans, relevant games activities, posters, fliers, cards and a movie-all highlighting the SunSmart UV Alert Message 구구단 게임 다운로드.

Other models include collaborative projects between schools who work in developing resources for community partners.

Program Flier:

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