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Primary Science Sudents @ Work

General Program Details:

  • Engages students in a realistic science experience
  • Provides students with an opportunity to learn about the diversity & vitality of science
  • Promotes experiential learning
  • Provides stimulating and self-esteem building learning environments
  • Covers a range of learning activities from many of the VELS domains

The Primary Science Students @ Work program was launched in 2009 in partnershp with St debugview. Patrick’s Primary School-Lilydale, Karwarra Australian Plant Glarden, Friends of the Warburton Trail, Shire of Yarra Ranges and Swinburne University 도돌 키보드.

The project brief included students:

  • developing plant fact sheets (to be used by Karwarra)
  • creating colourful posters (also to be used by Karwarra)
  • participating in a tree planting day along the Warburton Trail
  • propatated plants
  • delivering formal presentation

Students from Swinburne University evaluated the partnership and developed supporting classroom activities and materials 전쟁시뮬레이터.

Program Flier: Primary Science Students @ Work Postcard