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Akorn Educational Services (AES) offers a variety of student focused programs. The Biz-Ed Linx Students @ Work range of programs support several of the government initiatives which encourage organizations to provide rich and engaging experiences for young people while assisting schools in connecting with the “real” world 더퍼시픽.

STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) Based Programs:

“These are the ultimate science programs for students – working on real science problems, in real science workplaces for real purposes that benefit society.” – Simon Lindsay, Senior Project Officer-Science, Innovation and Research, Catholic Education Office Melbourne centos apache 다운로드.

These programs provide students with valuable knowledge and skills that help them function effectively in a scientifically and technologically advanced society teaching students how to identify and investigate issues, draw evidence-based conclusions and make informed decisions 기분좋은날 다운로드.

There are several different models for these programs; the traditional secondary school program provides a 1/2 day training session prior to a five-day team work placement 자바 웹서버 파일. Other models include a Semester (2 terms) program working with a whole class (approx 25-30 students). Another model being trialed during 2010 is a year long collaborative project with teams from two schools working with a community partner to develop resource materials Download Zatoichi 2.

Many of these STEM programs provide opportunities for the participants to reaserch, design and create products/services that benifit the comunity asx 다운로드.


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Science Students @ Work

Growing Tall Poppies

Primary Science Students @ Work

Science Teachers @ Work

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Engineering Students @ Work

Engineers Without Borders Engineering Teachers @ Work


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Other Programs and Services:


VCAL Students @ Work

InFront Community Building

Construct Your Own Program

Where Am I Going Download Dragon Rise?

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Contact Akorn if you have any questions or would like to have your school or organization participate in a program Civilization6.