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Akorn Educational Services and Enable Development are once again pleased to offer this amazing opportunity for Year 10 girls to participate in the 5-day 2018 FULL STEaM AHEAD – Girls Designing an Inclusive Society program taking place at Engineers Australia (Melbourne, Australia)

In a recent World Report on Disability, it is estimated that 1 in 5 people globally has a disability, which in Australia is calculated to be 4.27 million people. The majority of these people experience social exclusion, discrimination and lack of access to fully participate in society due to the barriers such as built environment and negative attitudes.


Responding to this challenge, students will collaborate to generate ideas and develop assistive/enabling technologies that will overcome said barriers. During the program students will be supported by the Akorn Educational Services team to establish the appropriate analytical framework and user centered design to come up with sustainable and viable solutions.

(Our October 2017 Full STEaM Ahead Program held at Engineers Australia, featuring 3 Makerbot 3D Printers)

FULL STEaM AHEAD - Akorn Educational Services

On the first day, students participate in learning about and how to use assistive devices (wheelchairs, crutches, white canes, etc.). They then work in small groups with a custom design laser cut plywood kit to design a toilet facility that can accommodate anyone with special needs.

For the next three days, students continue to work in small groups, brainstorming and researching the types of devices that might be helpful for someone with a special need. They discuss and brainstorm how it may be made. They build a physical prototype of their project.  They document the process and put it into a short report.

On the final day, their reports are finalised. Students present their findings & prototypes to a varied audience of parents, teachers, engineers and representatives of the hosting and supporting organisations. Parents and teachers are invited to attend this presentation.

Akorn Full Steam Ahead Program Melbourne CEM Engineering Education Curriculum

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Kindly sponsored by Norman Disney & Young, Catholic Education Melbourne & Engineers Australia and supported by Enable, VISY, CEM, DATTA VIC & MakerBot