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Akorn works closely with Community Partners… for without the community and industry partners there would be no Students @ Work Programs.


Through the Engineering Students @ Work and the Science Students @ Work programs teams of students from various schools have worked on projects resulting in ‘need specific’ products to meet community needs.

‘Sharing the Journey to Healing’ is a booklet designed for the KIDs Foundation (www.kidsfoundation.org.au) to provide adolescent burn survivors a guide to journey they will embark on during their healing process. The diary is distributed through KIDS and many hospitals…

The ‘iThing’ – designed at the request of SCOPE provides an enrichment activity to encourage motor skill use – currently in use at the SCOPE Lilydale. – Scope Report

To meet various needs for students at the Diamond Valley Special Developmental School’, students have designed and created both the Crossing Trainer and the programmable ‘iTed’

Crossing Trainer

Crossing Trainer Report


iTed Report
iTed Presentation
iTed User Guide

“in learning how to program the  PICAXE microcontroller that was put in the ‘iTed’ – students learned to program robotic cars.